Felt maintenance

Nice, isn't it, such a felted item!  But how do you make sure it stays beautiful?  Fortunately, that is not that complicated, here are some tips:

 Felt is made of wool, which is a natural product.  It does not require any real maintenance.

 The felt can withstand some water, washing vases is recommended to be done by hand and not in the dishwasher.

 If the felt has become wet, gently pat it dry and make sure that the felt remains as it dries and must therefore be dried in the right shape.  This keeps the product beautiful!

 The felt can still be flammable due to its compactness, so the felt never sticks to an open fire.

 Despite the fact that the products have a soft felt layer, the glass/ceramic is also fragile.  Sufa Puurdesign is therefore not liable for any damage.

 When moving the products, make sure that not only the felt is gripped so that the basic product does not fall.



And further:

 The products of Sufa Puurdesign are handmade, which means that the basis is often an existing (glass) product around which the felt is made by hand.  In some cases, the base product is also made by hand from clay.

 Because all the felt is handmade, all products are unique and there may be small imperfections in the products.  This also gives the product charm and authenticity.

 The wool used for the felt is natural and sustainable!



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